Lighting, Sound & Audiovisual

Emotional instruments

Light art can be an aesthetic way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere while providing light around a large area. Variations of colours of illuminated lights will suit different types of ambiances. Also, the proper diffusion of video content requires a great comprehension of event details and a skilled knowledge to operate constantly evolving gears. Meanwhile, sound is commonly the last element people think about, probably because one can’t see it, even though we believe sound is the most important dynamic during an event. In all cases, Events By Bedouin secures the best technology, adhering to European norms and standards of safety, providing perfect sound, lighting and AV, to meet clients’ high expectations.

Tips on Lighting

Lighting colours you choose have an effect on the overall mood of the event. While blue, green and turquoise have a calming effect, warmer colours like red, yellow and orange tend to create excitement. Also, lighting colours like peach, orange, honey, amber and apricot make people look at their best.

Our services also include podium, truss structure, simultaneous translation system, comfort screens, cameras for live feed, live online broadcast, photo shooting of the event, flooring and dance floors…

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